We provide mobile anesthesia for patients of all ages and for a wide range of dental and medical procedures.

Let us handle the stress of anesthesia, so you can concentrate on what matters most: providing exceptional care to your patients and growing your practice.

Are you a dentist or surgeon performing in-office procedures looking to maximize productivity while ensuring patient safety and comfort?

SDMD Mobile Anesthesia is the go-to solution for seamless and efficient patient care. Our streamlined system, compact setup, and expert anesthesiologists deliver improved productivity and elevated patient satisfaction.

While SDMD Mobile Anesthesia offers ALL varieties of anesthesia, we specialize in general endotracheal anesthesia (GETA) because of its high-level of safety, patient comfort, efficiency and provider functionality. 

GETA is the deepest form of anesthesia. During this type of anesthesia, the patient is completely unconscious and unable to feel any pain. After the patient is asleep, the anesthesiologist places an IV catheter and a breathing tube (about the size of a drinking straw) through the nose and down into the lungs. This may sound invasive, but this CLOSED airway anesthesia protects the airway and lungs from the work being performed in the mouth and allows our expert anesthesiologists to completely control the airway, ensuring constant oxygen delivery and healthy breathing. Because the patient is completely unconscious and the airway is secure, you are able to complete long and extensive procedures in an uninterrupted and reliable environment while the patient sleeps comfortably. The breathing tube is removed before the patient is fully awake and aware, so for the patient, it is like it never happened.

Provider Benefits of Working with SDMD Mobile Anesthesia

Save your patients a trip to their PCP! Our experienced anesthesiologists will take care of it all. We will gather pertinent health information electronically prior to the procedure date, decide if it is safe for the patient to undergo the procedure, and then perform a history and physical on the procedure date.

Get ready to say goodbye to the frustrating delay between when your patient sits in the exam chair and the actual start of the procedure. Through our many years of experience, we have developed a unique anesthetic mix optimized for a fast onset. Additionally, all of the preparation is done beforehand, allowing for quick and easy IV catheter placement and anesthetic initiation right from the moment your patient sits in the exam chair, allowing you to begin the procedure within minutes, meaning you'll be able to maximize your productivity and see more patients in a day.

With our involvement, you can place all your local anesthetic blocks just as you would on an awake patient, without having to wait for the block to set up. You can get right to work on the procedure, saving you and your patient valuable time and making your workflow much more efficient. Furthermore, providing general anesthesia allows you to complete larger procedures in one convenient visit instead of having to split the procedure out over multiple visits. This decreases scheduling burden and patient no-show rates.

Your patients' safety and comfort are our top priority. Whether the procedure lasts just a few minutes or several hours, our expert anesthesiologists will ensure your patients are kept comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. When the procedure is done, we'll have your patients ready to go home with their prearranged escort in only the time it takes to remove the IV and monitors, effectively decreasing turnover time.

Some patients are slow to wake-up or require additional monitoring. No problem! Our team is responsible for the patient during the pre-procedure and post-procedure periods, freeing you to treat other patients, complete administrative tasks, or take a well-earned break. Additionally, we provide patients with our phone number and clear post-procedure instructions. Should any anesthesia-related issues arise, the patient can contact us directly, eliminating this burden for your staff.

If you're already performing your own sedation, you'll find that having an anesthesiologist as part of your care team will be safer and will eliminate the management of the anesthetic, including the dangers of managing the airway. We perform closed-airway anesthesia (GETA), securing the airway and allowing you to work unimpeded and unencumbered. This allows you to focus exclusively on the procedure, ensuring the best possible outcome for your patients.

Our team is committed to patient satisfaction and we'll work closely with your office staff to coordinate scheduling and ensure maximum efficiency. We are open to scheduling anesthesia cases during off-hours, weekends, or when the office is normally closed, allowing you to treat several patients in one day and minimize interruptions to your normal office operations.

There is no cost to you, the provider, for including us on your care team. The patient will be responsible for our professional fees. We accept Medi-Cal/Denti-Cal and credit card payments. While we do not accept other forms of private insurance, we provide patients with a comprehensive superbill and will assist patients in maximizing reimbursement from their private insurance.

In short, having an anesthesiologist on your care team will be a game-changer for your practice: shorter procedure times, increased productivity, elevated safety, and heightened patient satisfaction.

Dr. Pinesett’s Training & Experience

University of California, Irvine (UCI): BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): Masters in Public Health
Stanford University School of Medicine: Medical Degree (top 5% of class)
University of California, San Diego (UCSD): Anesthesia Residency
VA Hospital in La Jolla: Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Anesthesia (teaching UCSD residents and medical students advanced anesthesia techniques)

Dr. Pinesett is able to leverage his extensive training and experience to create a personalized anesthesia plan for each patient, resulting in the safest and most comfortable care, every time!

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